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1946 - The California legislature creates healthcare districts, publically elected entities with the mandate to improve health care in their communities. Marin Healthcare District, like most other districts, embarks on plans to build a hospital to meet the health care needs of its residents.

1952 - Marin General Hospital opens under full operation and control of MHD.

1981 - Marin Healthcare District issues a bond to build Marin General Hospital's West Wing, adding 78 beds to the hospital.

1985 - The Marin Healthcare District Board leases the hospital to a new nonprofit, Marin General Hospital Corporation under a 30-year agreement. Soon after this, Marin General Hospital Corporation enters an affiliation with California Healthcare Systems.

1995 - California Healthcare Systems merges with Sutter Health, who assumes ownership of Marin General Hospital.

2006 - An agreement is made between Sutter Health and Marin Healthcare District to transfer control of the hospital back to the community.

2010 - On June 30, Marin Healthcare District resumes control of Marin General Hospital.