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Draft a Map: Interactive Mapping Tool

About Us

(Leer en Español)

Welcome to the interactive web mapping application to support Marin Healthcare District’s migration from at-large to district-based elections for the Board of Directors. As part of the District’s effort to provide transparency and opportunities for public input, we encourage residents to submit their draft Board of Directors districts and “Communities of Interest” (COI) using GEOinovo’s online mapping tool.

The link below leads to the Marin Healthcare District landing page for the interactive mapping tool. Residents have the ability to create and share a Community of Interest and/or draft districts for the Board of Directors. Map submissions will appear in the gallery on the main landing page, enabling all residents to view public input for redistricting.

Marin Healthcare District interactive mapping tool
Marin Healthcare District interactive mapping tool tutorial

As a supplement to the interactive mapping tool, we are also providing the GEO CIM (Community Input Map) tool so that residents can identify and provide supplemental information regarding their Community of Interest (COI). This lightweight application can be used on a mobile device and is offered in English and Spanish (Español), providing local residents with an app that can be used to submit community information in their language of choice.

Marin Healthcare District GEO CIM: English
Marin Healthcare District GEO CIM: Español

A “Community of Interest” is defined by California law as: “a population that shares common social or economic interests that should be included within a single district for purposes of its effective and fair representation.” Tip for Public Map Submissions: Draft districts should be contiguous and maintain equal population size to ensure equal approximately representation between districts.