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Lease Agreement FAQs

MarinHealth Medical Center

The lease for Marin General Hospital expires in December of 2015, and the Marin Healthcare District Board of Directors and the Marin General Hospital Board of Directors have reached agreements on the new lease. Read the new lease now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marin Healthcare District?
The Marin Healthcare District (MHD) was established by the State of California in 1946 to promote the health and welfare of the residents of Marin County. The District encompasses all of Marin County with the exception of Novato and portions of West Marin. The Board of Directors for the District is elected by voters.

What is Marin General Hospital?
Marin General Hospital, located in Greenbrae, CA, is a 235-bed critical care facility that was built in 1952, and is owned by the Marin Healthcare District.  Marin General Hospital is the only full-service, acute care hospital in Marin County. The hospital is committed to providing quality health programs and services to the citizens of Marin County.  With over 60 years of service to the community, Marin General Hospital is Marin County’s:

  • ONLY Designated Trauma Center
  • ONLY Full-Service Cancer Care Program
  • ONLY Accredited Chest Pain Center 
  • ONLY Certified Primary Stroke Center
  • ONLY Comprehensive Heart and Vascular Care
  • ONLY Labor and Delivery Services

Who Governs the Hospital District?
The Directors of the Marin Healthcare District, who are elected at-large by the residents of the Marin Healthcare District.  These Directors, who serve four year terms, set broad policy for the Hospital and the community clinics.  In turn, these Directors appoint 10 community members (The Hospital Board) who have professional expertise in a variety of fields – healthcare, law, philanthropy, finance and business – who are responsible for the day-to-day operations including patient care, budget oversight, physician credentialing, community service, labor contracts, staffing levels, and administration of the facility.

What is the “Lease Agreement”?
While taxpayers (through the Marin Healthcare District) own the hospital, the District leases the facility to the non-profit Marin General Hospital Corporation, which actually manages the day-to-day operations of the Hospital. The lease agreement requires that revenues from the hospital be reinvested into improving patient care, equipment, advanced programs for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and seismic upgrades, and that Marin Healthcare District will receive annual rent of $500,000.  The Lease Agreement will allow Marin General Hospital to remain a non-profit, locally governed hospital and facilitates revenue from the hospital being reinvested into improving patient care and community access to quality healthcare in Marin County.

If approved, will this Lease Agreement increase taxes?
No.  This is not a tax increase; it comes at no cost to district residents.

Why do district residents need to vote on Lease Agreement?
The current 30-year-lease agreement expires in December 2015. California law requires periodic voter approval of new guidelines (Section 32121(p) of the Health and Safety code). 

Why wasn’t the Lease Agreement placed on the ballot with the bond measure last year?
The terms of the lease had not been finalized and all parties wanted to wait until there was clarity regarding the bond measure.
Does the Lease Agreement have any impact on the $394 million bond measure that was passed in 2013?
No, it does not impact the $394 million dollar bond that was passed by the voters last year.  That general obligation bond will cover a portion of the $500 million plus needed to rebuild Marin General Hospital; the rest will be raised through a combination of donations and revenue bonds.  The Lease Agreement is important to the hospital’s ability to issue revenue bonds (borrow money).