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Measure R

MarinHealth Medical Center

“Of all the measures Marin voters will vote on this November, Measure R may have the broadest support. Measure R does not raise your taxes nor does it have any impact on your tax bill.

Measure R requires:

  • Marin General remains a locally governed, community-owned hospital.
  • Marin General operates on a non-profit basis, with all profits reinvested in our community hospital to improve healthcare services, medical equipment, and facilities.

Virtually all Marin County community and civic organization and elected officials support Measure R; as do medical professionals including doctors and nurses.

Marin General Hospital opened in 1952 to provide acute health care services to local residents and is the County's designated Trauma Center. MGH offers a wide range of high quality medical, trauma and psychiatric health care services and is now recognized as one of the best independent, publically owned medical centers/hospitals in the Bay Area. Just this past November, voters overwhelmingly supported a bond measure to modernize the hospital.

The Marin Healthcare District currently leases the hospital to the non-profit Marin General Hospital Corporation to manage the day-to-day operations of the hospital. Members of this non-profit corporation are Marin residents with financial and medical experience and serve without compensation.

California law requires that voters periodically approve the lease (operating) agreement. This agreement requires that revenues from the hospital be reinvested in our hospital to improve healthcare services including patient care, new medical equipment and advanced programs for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and improved medical facilities.

The lease agreement also requires that the Hospital pay Marin Healthcare District rent sufficient to cover annual District expenses to eliminate any burden on taxpayers.

Approval of Measure R guarantees that the hospital will operate on a non-profit basis and that Marin General Hospital will remain a locally governed, community-owned hospital to serve all residents of Marin County.”

Questions about the Lease Agreement?