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Marin Healthcare District set to launch New Breast Health Center

GREENBRAE, CA — Marin Healthcare District, a publically elected entity that owns Marin General Hospital and fourteen health centers throughout Marin County, today announced the opening of its new Breast Health Center which offers patients advanced diagnostic technology capable of creating three-dimensional digital images of the breast tissue to help identify breast cancer.

All of the mammography units in the center are able to perform digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), or 3D digital mammography. DBT is the most accurate form of mammography available, creating detailed 3D images of the breast and enhancing clinical performance in several ways:

  • Better Visualization: Clearer imagery means radiologists can better see the size, shape, and location of detected abnormalities.       
  • Earlier Detection: By minimizing the effect of overlapping breast issue, 3D mammography can help improve breast cancer detection.
  • Fewer Callbacks: 3D mammography helps distinguish normal breast tissue from breast cancer, leading to fewer repeat exams and less anxiety for women.

“We designed the new Breast Health Center to combine comfort, convenience, and state-of-the-art technology. The new breast center will bring the breast health program to the next level. We are the first breast center in Marin County to offer tomosynthesis. This is the newest and most advanced form of mammography, allowing a radiologist to better detect invasive breast cancer, while also decreasing the number of women who are called back after a screening mammography. Fewer women called back translates into less anxiety for our patients,” said Natalya Lvoff, MD, Medical Director of the Breast Health Center.

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality, personalized care in a compassionate, and comfortable environment. Our experienced breast team is committed to providing the exceptional services for the early detection, accurate diagnosis, and timely treatment of breast cancer, using the most advanced technology in a spectacular, new breast center.”

The new center is an expansion of Marin General Hospital’s comprehensive breast health program that includes diagnostics, treatment, reconstruction and cancer survivorship. The space features four mammography rooms, two ultrasound rooms, and a room dedicated to stereotactic procedures with a special table that allows physicians to perform biopsies on cancers that can only be detected on a three-dimensional mammogram. Plus, the center now offers bone density testing which is recommended for all women aged 65 or older. The Breast Health Center is located at 100A Drakes Landing Road, Suite 140, in Greenbrae.

Dr. Lvoff added: “Breast cancer is a national concern in this country and early detection can help save lives. We’re committed to providing our patients here in Marin with the best care possible, and now they have access to a facility with the latest, innovative screening technique that produces fewer false positives and reduces callbacks.”

For more information on the new Breast Health Center, please visit: or call 1-415-461-4282. To schedule an appointment call 1-415-925-7301.

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Formerly known as Marin Hospital District, Marin Healthcare District (MHD) is a publically elected entity that owns Marin General Hospital and fourteen health centers throughout Marin County. The District encompasses all of Marin County with the exception of Novato. Established by the State of California in 1946, MHD is responsible for promoting the health and welfare of the residents of Marin County. This includes maintaining county-wide access to care through the Marin Healthcare District Medical Care Centers and ensuring that the hospital is in seismic compliance and ready to meet the needs of residents in the event of a natural disaster. MHD serves as a strong advocate for high quality care, provides a forum to discuss health care issues that affect the communities, and provides oversight of major transactions, board appointments and the hospital’s performance goals. To learn more or read about the guiding principles of the Marin Healthcare District, visit

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