MGH 2.0

Marin General Hospital

As an independent, community hospital, Marin General Hospital (MGH) belongs to the people of Marin. Any addition and upgrade to our hospital should directly benefit our community. While seismic compliance is the driver for new construction, the ultimate purpose of the new building is to enhance the safety, comfort and well being of all future patients, doctors, nurses and employees of Marin General Hospital.

Plans for MGH include a four-story, 260,000 square-foot hospital replacement building; a five-story, 100,000 square-foot ambulatory services building; and two parking structures. Every aspect of the hospital will meet or exceed the latest state-mandated standards for earthquake safety. The new facilities, designed by LBL Architects, will take three years to complete. Construction will occur while the current hospital continues to operate.

Medical procedures and patient care have changed dramatically in the 60 years since Marin General Hospital first opened its doors. Today’s hospitals have larger operating and patient rooms that accommodate more personnel and equipment, provide for patient privacy and safety, and allow family members to be present; all of which greatly enhance a patient’s chances of recovery. MGH’s new facilities are being designed according to the following high level planning principles:

  • Sustainability
  • Planning Efficiency
  • Improved Patient Outcomes
  • Humanistic Planning
  • Operational Efficiency

The new hospital will be a best-practices environment that will enable the Marin General Hospital medical team to do their best work. The building will feature larger operating rooms and an Emergency Department with increased diagnostic and treatment capabilities, more efficient service, and shorter wait times. Patients will have greater access to private rooms. The new, cutting-edge facilities and serene healing environment will result in a more pleasant patient experience, shorter stays, and ultimately, better outcomes. A new, modern, green facility will be a magnet for new hires, allowing the hospital to recruit the best of the best.