Important Information about Follow My Health


FollowMyHealth portal is not meant for urgent or emergency situations.  If you feel you have an urgent matter, contact your physician’s office directly or call 911.

  • FollowMyHealth is Organization based.  If you are a patient of multiple organizations, you will have to connect to each one separately but you will access all connections from one portal with one login and one password.
  • You will only see health information in your portal from providers that are active in FollowMyHealth and that you have seen for an appointment.
  • Lab results are released to your portal one day after the physician has reviewed them. 
  • Not all health information is released to your portal.  For a complete copy of your health record, contact your physician’s office directly.
  • Not all physicians offer the same portal services. Some may choose to allow appointment requests but not prescription refill requests.  If the option is not available, the physician doesn’t offer that service.
  • When making changes to your health information in your portal, you are not making a permanent change in your physician’s health record. 
  • Notify your physician directly either through a portal message or during an appointment.

Want more information about FollowMyHealth? Contact their support team at 888-670-9775 or email