Functionality and Navigation FAQs


Once logged into your portal, you can access a variety of features. The top toolbar is anchored in your portal at all times. No matter where you are in your portal, you can always send a message to your physician’s office or request an appointment.  From the My Account drop-down you can access your Connections, Preferences, Support or Log Out.  From Support you can view the user manual, Knowledge Base and more.

From the Home tab you can:

  • View your Health Summary.
  • View items that require your attention in the Action Center.
  • View your upcoming appointments in the Appointments section.
  • Click on an appointment to view details and directions or to request to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • View recent activity in your portal such as new connections.
  • Record items you want to keep track of in your Health Journal.  Print it and bring it with you to your appointment.

From the Inbox tab you can:

  • Read messages and responses from your physician’s office.
  • View appointment reminders.
  • Initiate a message to your physician’s office.

From the My Health tab you can:

  • View, print, email or fax your health information and enter new health items.
  • From the Conditions tab you can view, edit or add active or past medical history.
  • From the Medications tab, click on the pill bottle icon on the right side of the screen to request a refill. You can only request refills for medications that have previously been ordered.
  • From the Results tab you can view lab results. Click the eyeglass icon to the right of the result to view details. Results will be available 1 day after the physician signs off on them.
  • From the Vitals tab you can view or add vitals such as Blood Pressure, Temperature, BMI and more.  Click the pie chart icon to view the trend.
  • From the Documents tab you can open a document by clicking the eyeglass icon on the right side of the item or upload your own documents from your computer.  View your clinical summaries which is a snap shot of your previous appointments.  Your physician may send you an “eResult” letter explaining your results.  This is where you find that letter.
  • Read educational information about items by clicking the blue “I” to the left of an item.  Education information is not available for all items.
  • From the Chart tab you can view your health information organized by provider or date.

From the My Info tab you can:

  • View and update your address, phone number, emergency contact, preferred pharmacy and insurance information.
  • Use the My Info drop-down to choose Providers to view all of the physicians you are connected to in the portal. From there you can request an appointment, request a referral, request a refill or send a message.

Can't find an answer to your question, above? Contact FollowMyHealth support at 888-670-9775 or email